Cosplay Memories Vol.2
The Vol.2 comes finally!!

1. Canta per me (Noir)
2. Memory of Fanelia (Visions of Escaflowne)
3. Sotsugyo (Graduation) (Inuyasha)
4. Netsuzo sareta (Hellsing)
5. Kamen Shinpu to Chapel no Kane (The Masked Priest and the Chapel`s Bell) (Hellsing)
6. Hitomi Theme (Visions of Escaflowne)
7. Genso (Illusion) (Angel Sanctuary)
8. Music Box Version: Lilium (Elfenlied)
9. Melodie (Noir)
10. Kairai Genso (Puppet Dreamin) (Vampire Princess Miyu)
11. Sadame (X/Clamp)
12. Music Box Version: Secret Game (Noir)
13. Secret Game (Noir)
14. Inochi No Namae (Spirited Away)
15. Yunas Ballad (Final Fantasy)

Cosplay Memories Vol.2 brings a bright variety of cosplay approuved melodies and songs!
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