Cosplay Memories
A Voyage into dream with I Love You! PJ!!

1. Sara no shi: Saras Death (Angel Sanctuary)
2. Ls Theme (Death Note)
3. Light´s Theme (Death Note)
4. Lilium (Elfenlied)
5. Praeludium (Final Fantasy)
6. Floating Museum (Ghost in the shell)
7. Requiem for the living (Hellsing)
8. Die Loreley (Fate Stay Night)
9. Kie nai Omoi (Fate Stay Night)
10. Voices (Macross Opening)
11. Heinrich Heine: Die Loreley (Fate Stay Night)

Cosplay Memories is the voyage into dream CD from ILY!Project. The selection of songs is inspired by the impressions taken from a lot of Cosplay competitions all around the big Anime Conventions where ILY!Project has been part of. This one is not for to sing along or to dance it`s for to fade away into dreams. This on should be enjoyed alone.
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