Anipara Club No.1

The debut album in dance sound!!

1.Anipara Theme 1
3.Gamble Rumble
4.Moonlight Densetsu
5.Night Of Fire
6.Kimi wo nosete
7.Anipara Inter
9.Fly High
10.Fly Me To The Moon
11.Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku
12.White Reflection
13.Anipara Outro
14.Forever Love

The debut album of I Love You! Project. From track 1 to 13 all songs are in
parapara dance style. Parapara is a very popular Japanese dance in which one the hand movement is a priority. This dance has I Love You! Project on their performances in 2004 and 2005, also presented on the stage.
The 14th track
"Forever Love" is a futuring with Taiji-kun. He is now "DAi" known.

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